Experience Matters!

With a global reach and regional focus, GMS is a specialist Automotive, Retail and Hospitality Talent Acquisition and Executive Search Consultancy based in Dubai, UAE. We are a boutique firm of professionals who work exclusively with clients and a network of pre-selected talented individuals within our specialist markets.

GMS was established based on feedback from our customers, many identifying considerable flaws in the recruitment industry in the MENA region. Ranging from a lack of market experience, poor communication, no preselection or screening to the complete absence of any understanding about the customer.

The Outcome: Failed searches, poor employee retention, wasted management time and increased costs due to lack of fit and the need to replace.

GMS believes in the need to capture, at the outset, its customer’s specific requirements and cultural DNA, to ensure the ultimate match in talent acquisition is realised. This detailed and customised approach is critical to success and can never be replaced by a simple mechanical approach.

GMS seeks to become a partner to your business, not just a supplier.

 Everything Starts with Trust

Our core values are trust, honesty and respect. We develop relationships with both clients and candidates in exactly the same way, building trust and approaching everyone and everything with complete honesty and respect.

Whilst we can’t engage with everyone that wants to engage with us, we will always give you honest feedback so you know where you stand. We believe every person that interacts with us is equally important and should be treated with the utmost respect.

Expertise Where it Counts

We at GMS have over 50 years’ combined Talent Acquisition and Executive Search experience, in fact, for some of us, this is all we have ever done! This gives us a unique advantage in providing an exceptional customer experience.

We understand that there is plenty of choice out there, the larger search firms employ “industry experts”  and agencies are outsourcing research to teams outside the region. Again, both are flawed as neither have the depth of experience to understand the complete hiring process from the perspective of both candidate and client and therefore guarantee a successful outcome for all parties.