GMS are currently seeking an experienced Head of Warranty to join a prestigious automotive client in the GCC.

Objectives of this role are listed below:

  • To develop, establish and update the warranty & goodwill policy for retail and wholesale operation with the up-to-date knowledge and understanding of manufacturers warranty & goodwill policy and latest industry requirements
  • To develop and establish the operational process and standard procedure for warranty & goodwill operation
  • To manage and supervise the warranty & goodwill operations
  • To manage and supervise the in-house extended warranty operation according to the internal guidelines and policies
  • To monitor and report the key performance index and its trend variation of warranty & goodwill, extended warranty operation of wholesale and retail operations
  • To identify operational abnormality and performance deficiency in the warranty & goodwill operation and to develop and deploy the efficient and feasible measures to maintain the optimum operational performance
  • To educate, train and supervise the warranty administrators and other stakeholders at the retail and wholesale operation with the up-to-date warranty & goodwill process, policy and guideline
  • To maintain the high-quality operation with optimum efficiency by conducting a regular audit and on-site inspection of the retail warranty operation at the workshops and to develop and implement feasible measures according to the operational condition and governing process and guideline
  • To communicate and publish the latest information and update of the warranty & goodwill guideline and operational requirements to maintain the seamless and up-to-date operational performance at the retail and wholesale business
  • To manage and process the Recall and other service initiatives of the manufacturer according to the process requirements and the local statutory regulations
  • To provide the administrative support for the warranty & goodwill operation of the commercial vehicle division according to the business requirements