The role of the Associate Audit Manager is to plan, supervise and oversee the various audit activities being carried out by assigned Senior auditors. The Associate Audit Manager performs detailed reviews of the working papers and drafts the internal audit report. 

Duties of the role may vary on a needs-basis, but will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Assist Chief Audit Officer in developing and maintaining annual risk assessment and annual audit plan.
  • Ensure that the internal audit programme under the audit cycle stated in the Annual Internal Audit Plan are properly executed to provide assurance that the objectives stated under the Internal Audit role in the Internal Audit Charter are aligned towards the achievement of overall company objectives.
  • Plan and schedule audits and reviews in consideration of staffing availability and audit priorities, sometimes managing multiple projects concurrently, including ad-hoc duties, special investigations and consultancy works as may be requested by Chief Audit Officer.
  • Ensure that audit assignments are conducted by Internal Auditors / Audit Seniors in accordance with the International Auditing Standards and Professional Code of Ethics, providing real time supervision and review of audit work performed by the audit team during fieldwork.
  • Conduct detailed audit review for projects as per audit plan and ensure that all audit findings and issues are properly documented, communicated and agreed upon with the auditees.
  • Review and ensure that audit report is prepared in a concise manner and that audit issues are placed in appropriate context with recommendations presented in a persuasive manner for proper implementation by the auditees.

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